The Truth About TruSculpt 3D: 5 Reasons to Consider this Noninvasive Fat-Buster

What do you do when you’ve lost all those extra pounds and exercised your body into better health but still see a tummy pooch or muffin top when wearing your favorite jeans? Body sculpting comes to mind. It’s often an excellent solution for shaving away inches and creating the curves you deserve.

Surgery once provided the only body-sculpting option available. And it likely remains your best alternative if you have excessively loose skin or large quantities of retained subcutaneous (under the skin) fat in your abdomen, thighs, or other areas following significant or rapid weight loss.

But when you don’t need enough fat reduction to justify the pain and long recovery time associated with liposuction and other surgical sculpting methods, you now have another choice – truSculpt® 3D.

This innovative system can deliver truly effective body-sculpting results without a single incision or injection. Learn why the health care professionals at Alpenglow Gynecology often recommend truSculpt 3D to individuals who want to reshape their curves without surgery.

1. truSculpt 3D is safe

Approved by the FDA, truSculpt 3D delivers precisely controlled radiofrequency (RF) energy to the surface of targeted treatment areas via a specially designed handpiece. The RF energy works by bypassing your skin layer and heating your subcutaneous fat cells to a temperature that essentially causes them to die. Your body then eliminates them as waste.

The makers of truSculpt 3D focused heavily on patient safety and comfort as they developed this truly effective body-sculpting system. Surface temperatures remain cool as the handpiece moves across your skin, which helps decrease discomfort and eliminates the risk of burns or damage to tissues other than targeted fat cells.  

Most of our patients report only mild tingling or no pain at all during a session. Many describe the warmth experienced with truSculpt 3D as similar to what you’d expect during a heated stone massage.

2. The treatment works

The truSculpt 3D system is clinically proven to provide up to a 24% fat reduction in the treatment area, so you’ll lose inches. The RF energy also stimulates natural collagen production, which your body uses to smooth and tighten skin. Conversely, traditional liposuction can leave behind saggy, baggy skin that may require surgical tightening.

Also, rather than shrinking your fat cells, truSculpt 3D eliminates them. It’s always possible to regain pounds through poor dietary choices or lack of physical activity, but the fat cells affected by the treatment won’t return.

3. truScuplt 3D is cleared for use on multiple areas

At Alpenglow Gynecology, we’ve noted impressive results when using truSculpt 3D to reduce stubborn fat in numerous problem areas, including the abdomen, lower back (flanks), outer thighs, upper arms, and “bra-bulge” area of your back.

4. The sessions are fast and fit easily into your schedule

The treatments take about 15 minutes each for smaller areas, such as your flanks or upper arms, and up to 60 minutes for larger areas, such as combined treatment for your flanks and abdomen.   

5. No recovery time is necessary with truSculpt 3D

You can expect to return to work or other normal activities immediately after leaving the office. There are no incisions sites or other wounds to worry about. And you won’t need to wear pressure bandages or other supportive items while you heal, as you would with a tummy tuck or liposuction.

Schedule your evaluation at Alpenglow Gynecology today to find out if truSculpt 3D can meet your fat-busting, curve-reshaping goals. Just call the office in Littleton, Colorado, or use the “book online” button to make your appointment.

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