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5 Reasons You May be a Candidate for MonaLisa Touch®

Learn how MonaLisa Touch remedies vaginal atrophy

As women grow older, they often experience vaginal changes that lead to a wide variety of uncomfortable symptoms, like burning, dryness, and urinary incontinence. Yet, while they affect up to 40% of postmenopausal women, only 20-25% talk to their doctor about treatment. Rickie Guida, WHNP-BC, and her experienced team at Alpenglow Gynecology in Littleton, Colorado, don’t want you to be embarrassed to talk about these problems because they have an easy and painless solution: MonaLisa Touch®.

MonaLisa Touch is an innovative vaginal rejuvenation treatment that uses gentle laser energy to trigger muscle contractions, stimulate collagen production, and restore functional vaginal tissue. At Alpenglow Gynecology, we love bringing MonaLisa Touch to the women in our care because it takes less than five minutes, is painless, and provides fast results for several gynecological complaints.

Here are five reasons you should talk to us about MonaLisa Touch therapy.

1.  Relieves vaginal dryness and burning

Changes in estrogen because of menopause, cancer treatments, or breastfeeding after childbirth can lead to thinning vaginal tissue and less natural lubrication. As a result, it’s common to experience vaginal dryness and burning. MonaLisa Touch resolves these issues by stimulating your body to produce more natural lubrication.

2. Restores sexual vitality

Hormonal changes go far beyond vaginal dryness and burning alone; they can interfere with your sexual health too. As your vaginal tissue grows thinner and more fragile, it also loses its elasticity. MonaLisa Touch treatments not only trigger your body to produce more vaginal lubrication. They also stimulate more collagen and elastin production to restore the health of your vaginal tissue.

3. Treats mild urinary incontinence

One of the most common gynecological issues in women over 35 is urinary incontinence, or a lack of bladder control. Fortunately, MonaLisa Touch can offer a minimally invasive solution for many women living with urinary leakage. The gentle laser energy not only rejuvenates your vaginal tissue, but it can also tone your pelvic floor muscles and urogenital structures, giving you more bladder control.

4. Corrects vaginal laxity

Vaginal laxity occurs when the diameter of your vagina increases. You may have vaginal changes like these because you’ve given birth or your vaginal tissue lost its tone with age. In many cases, MonaLisa Touch’s fractional laser energy resolves these symptoms because increased collagen production helps tighten your vaginal opening and its surrounding tissues while they also grow thicker, toned, and hydrated.

5. Reduces vaginal and urinary tract infections

A dry, undernourished vagina with fragile and thin tissue is prone to chronic vaginal and urinary infections. By restoring your vaginal health with MonaLisa Touch, we help your vaginal tissues become more lubricated and toned, so it’s easier for them to fight off infection.

Don’t be afraid to talk about your vaginal health. Call Alpenglow Gynecology to regain your life and sexual vitality or schedule an appointment online today.

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